Vax Power Series HEPA Filter

Vax Replacement HEPA Filter

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  • Brand: Ecoclean
  • Product Code: VS-26
  • Item Condition: New
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Vax Replacement HEPA Filter

Power 3 U91-P3
Power 3 Pet U91-P3P
Power 4 U91-P4
Power 4 U90-P4-B
Power 4 Complete U90-P4-C
Power 4 Pet U91-P4P
Power 4 Pet U90-P4-P
Power 4 Scent of Summer U90-P4-O
Power 5 Pet U91-P5P
Power 5 Pet U90-P5-P
Power 5 Pets & Stairs U91-P5E
Power 6 U90-P6-B
Power 6 Complete U90-P6-C
Power 6 Pet U91-P6P
Power 6 Pet U90-P6-P
Power 6 Pet Anniversary Edition U91-P6-AN
Power 6 Scent of Summer U90-P6-O
Performance Pet U90-PF-P-T

Great Quality Washable Filter