Polti Vaporetto 3 Clean Steam Vacuum Cleaner & Portable Steam Cleaner

Uses only tap water, without additional detergents.

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  • Product Code: PTGB0078-B
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Polti Vaporetto 3 Clean is 3 products in 1 - vacuum cleaner to vacuum dust and crumbs, steam mop to deep clean floors, portable vaporetto to clean windows, mirrors, taps, stoves, upholstery and much more.
The vacuumed dirt is collected in the dust collection tank: easy to extract and empty.
Steam ready in 30 seconds: the water tank is removable and filled with tap water, for unlimited working autonomy.
Multi-function: bagless vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology, steam mop, portable steam cleaner.
Use only tap water, without additional detergents.
Steam adjustable on 3 levels to have the right supply according to the surface to be treated.
Convenient and compact to store: it stands upright without the need of support.
Vacuum and wash floors, even at the same time:
The convenience of having a single appliance for the complete cleaning of floors, from tiles to parquet.
Polti Vaporetto 3 Clean vacuums and washes with steam: you decide whether to use it with separate functions or in combined mode, for cleaning in a single pass.
Steam for the whole house:
Not only floors, but also taps, stoves, upholstery, curtains, joints.
The portable steam cleaner detaches from the appliance and with accessories supplied it becomes a versatile aid for cleaning the whole house.
Deep cleaning without detergents:
No detergent needed, just tap water turned into steam for deep cleaning: the steam from the Polti Vaporetto steam mop removes and eliminates 99.9%* of viruses, germs and bacteria.
*The Polti Vaporetto steam mop has been tested on the most common bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Aspergillus brasiliensis, Salmonella enterica.
It kills and eliminates 99.9% of viruses, germs and bacteria.
Vacuum with cyclonic technology:
Polti Vaporetto 3 Clean is a vacuum cleaner with cyclonic technology: it vacuums dust, crumbs and dirt from floors, for an essential and effective first cleaning step.
In addition, thanks to the wide range of action, it allows easy freedom of movement.
Adjustable steam for your cleaning needs:
Polti Vaporetto 3 Clean is also a steam mop and portable cleaner with 3-level steam adjustment: more intense steam to remove stubborn stains and dirt or minimal to treat more delicate surfaces, such as parquet.
Practical to store and immediately ready for use:
Easy to use and to store after cleaning.
The Polti Vaporetto 3 Clean vacuum steam mop does not require support because it stands alone, the water tank is removable and the dust collection tank easily detaches to be emptied.